Welcome to my website!
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Greetings, web-browsers.
My name is David Chance Langton.
You may call me Chance. This is my little spot on the internet to hang out, post some artwork, and share whatever musings I feel are worth sharing.

On the tabs at the top you'll find some of my artwork, information about my comic/project/idea Mystic Suburb, a collection of stuff I have for sale (including tshirts, phone/tablet cases, stickers and original artwork), and different ways you can get a hold of me.

Thanks very much for stopping by.
Take a look around, internet.
I love you.


Updated some of my tshirt designs. Check out the new Ramones and Jay'n'Brain links on the Merch page. Tote bags also available.

RedBubble now has Throw Pillows as an option. I'm slowly reworking some designs to be available in that format along with the Print and Card options.

Updated the website today. Checking dead links. Updating photos. You know. Fun stuff.